Kenneth Ballenegger

Angel Investor, Engineer, Startup Founder

Dear Air France,

On my Jan 8th ‘10 flight from GVA to SFO with layover at CDG, I was scheduled to take off at 7:30 on the GVA-CDG segments. That 50min flight was late / delayed by almost an hour.

Once arrived at CDG, my connecting flight segment CDG-SFO was further delayed by several hours. It was scheduled to take off at 10:40, but only actually left at 14:00, over 3 hours late. I had to spend over two hours sitting in a minuscule seat while the plane remained by the gate.

While boarding, my initial boarding pass (REQ107) for the CDG-SFO segment, which had been printed at check-in in GVA airport, would not let me through the gate. Air France personnel had to print me another boarding pass (REQ283), after having me wait by the gate for over 10min.

With the new pass, my seat was changed from seat 45F, an aisle seat by the back of the plane which I had selected for its ease of access and movement, to seat 30A, an uncomfortable window seat above the wing. Even though I asked your staff if they could help me with my situation, they were unable to do so.

Additionally, during much of the flight, the entertainment system was not operational.

I consider myself a loyal Air France customer, having chosen you (or your SkyTeam partners) for over 10 long-range international flights spanning Europe, the United States, Japan and South Africa over the past two years.

You usually come across as a company that cares about its customers, and in previous occasions you were always willing to help when my travels did not go as smoothly as they should have.

In light of these events, and in the hopes that you have not lost your great corporate ethos, I would very much appreciate either a refund for my flight, or alternatively a miles credit to make up for this experience. Should you be so kind as to indulge me with the second option, might I suggest a credit of the remainder miles necessary for me to achieve Flying Blue Silver status, a goal I have been working towards since I signed up to the program last July.

Best regards,
Kenneth Ballenegger