Kenneth Ballenegger

Angel Investor, Engineer, Startup Founder

Imagine a site or service that would analyze your whole Twitter stream and analyze each tweet to figure out your mood at the time. Imagine that it could aggregate that data, figure out patterns and report it in a meaningful way. Think of it as a Mint for your happiness rather than for your financials.

It could also help you correlate this data with other data, such as global / average happiness, Facebook data such as the friends you currently communicate most with or your relationship status, political and economical factors, your personal financials (by integrating with Mint), your eating habits, or anything else that could affect your happiness.

Many of us record our thoughts and feelings online through Twitter. When we’re happy, maybe because we just saw the greatest movie ever (Avatar), or because we had a great date with our significant other, we tweet about it. When we’re drunk, angry, frustrated, tired, relaxed and so on, we’ll tweet about it. That’s one huge pile of seemingly useless and insignificant thoughts – we’ve all heard the stereotype of the Twitter-addict who tweets about what he had for breakfast – but used and compounded as statistical data, it could be very powerful.