Kenneth Ballenegger

Angel Investor, Engineer, Startup Founder

The first type is exactly what you’d expect: they’re the technologists, the guys who would invent computers if they didn’t already exist. On their nth beer they can discuss the fine points of objc_msgSend_stret().
While they’re talking to you they’re also, in their heads, optimizing the queueing algorithm at the bar, writing their first quantum computing application, and stepping through the code they wrote just an hour ago.
The second type is tech-inflected liberal arts types. Journalists and bloggers are often of this type — but a perhaps-surprising number of developers are too. They’d rather discuss Gogol and Gaga, Kafka and Kubrick, Borges and Black Eyed Peas.

Brent Simmons on the two types of geeks

This quote really resonated with me. I think his description of the second type of geek describes me very well.