Kenneth Ballenegger

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The quest for frisson

Roger Ebert on our constant quest for stimulation:

There’s such a skitterish impatience in our society right now. The national debate is all over the place. Talking points take the place of arguments. Think up a snarky name for someone, and you don’t have to explain any further. The oil spill is in Day 40 and enough, already. We’ve been there, done that. In some circles it has become Obama’s fault, not for any good reason but perhaps because that breaks the monotony.

Something has happened. Do we even know it has happened? We look out from inside our brains. We notice differences in things. But how can we notice a difference in the brains that are noticing them? One reason meaningless celebrities dominate all of our national media is that they are meaningless. They require no study, no reading, no thought. OMG! Heidi is leaving Spencer! OMG! Russell Brand is a sex addict! OMG! Matt Lauer never dated or slept with Alexis Houston, and all that time he didn’t know Alexis was a man! OMG! Top Kill has failed! WTF. ROFL.

Astute essay. Ebert is a very intelligent man.