Kenneth Ballenegger

Angel Investor, Engineer, Startup Founder

Steve Jobs Is No Longer An Asset

Daniel Jalkut, on Steve Jobs, is spot on:

I believe Jobs is an idealist product visionary who wants the best for Apple and for its customers. But he’s lost his ability to manage his own image, and thus the image of the company. Apple’s PR department is in charge of manipulating how the company is perceived, but their efforts are being drowned out by the live-wire personality at the helm of the ship. Jobs needs to quiet down now and let cooler heads speak. No more arrogant, terse email replies. No more defensive press conferences. No more snarky interview quips. Just chill out and try to get your groove back.

At his best, Steve Jobs is a brilliant, inspirational spokesman for the company. At his worst, he is the pompous winner who begs to be taken down a notch. Jobs is the kid who, having been celebrated for the A+ exam grade, reacts by chiding his classmates: “You all are a bunch of idiots.” Fans lose their faith, detractors gain momentum. This guy’s in for a rough victory.

Jobs and his culture and mentality is increasingly becoming a burden on the company and its customers. While I still use and love Apple products, I no longer love the company. I think of Jobs as a “douchebag” and of Apple as a misguided company that cares more about its ideals than its customers. I can no longer call myself an Apple fan, and that saddens me.