Kenneth Ballenegger

Angel Investor, Engineer, Startup Founder

Stop Panhandling your Ideas

When most people see panhandlers on the side of the road, we condescendingly think “Why don’t they get a job? You’re not going to get anywhere begging for money. Get to work!” Yet, this is what so many people do with their ideas - they put their fate in the hands of passerby’s hoping someone cares enough to give them a chance. It’s the equivalent of standing on an off-ramp holding a cardboard sign that reads “I have good ideas. Please pay me for them.”

We hesitate to do the actual task of shipping work out the door because it’s scary. The last question we want to ask ourselves is “Now what do I do?” It’s more comfortable to always be on the journey instead of arriving at the destination. If you’re always “working” on something you never risk failure or embarrassment. Save Draft will always get more clicks than Publish.

(Source: bennesvig)