Kenneth Ballenegger

Angel Investor, Engineer, Startup Founder

Level 2 Finals

I just finished my second year of Graphic Design at the California College of the Arts. What a relief it is to be done with finals… I really enjoyed this semester—and created some work I’m very proud of—but after 8 months of intensive design school, I’m ready for a summer where I can focus on personal projects and the cool stuff we’re building at Chartboost.

A small selection of shots from finals: (view the entire set on flickr)

My Type 2 final: a book on High Speed Rail, how it took over Europe and Asia, and why it didn’t happen in America.

Fellow student Christine Rode presenting her very cool GD2 final.

Kalee practically cut her finger off finishing up her awesome GD2 final book.

Building a house of cards with Man-Ee’s project.

This is yours truly’s version of the GD2 project: recontextualizing a poorly written set text into something completely new.

Fellow student Ben Du presenting his GD2 final.

Anna Chou modeling my new motorcycle helmet. I guess girls like bikes… :).

And last but not least, my very very awesome professor, Christopher Simmons, taking some shots of student work. Christopher is a awesome designer, (he even has his own wikipedia page!) and you should check his work out!