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Lament of the Delicious Librarian

Jessie Char:

I did some thinking and came up with a concept to pitch: a booth modeled like a cozy library with bookshelves that look just like the ones in Delicious Library. We could dress as “Delicious Librarians” (don’t tell me that wasn’t clever!) complete with nerd glasses and name tags. My coworkers and I stayed up late one night planning everything out so we could present the idea to Wil. He loved it, and gave us the go-ahead to do the booth as long as he didn’t have to do any work on it; he was busy trying to ship an app, after all.

In 2009, I attended my very first Macworld. In the Mac development industry, Wil Shipley (founder of Delicious Monster) is somewhat of a legend. Having had a few online conversations with Wil, I went looking for the booth to introduce myself and say hello. The booth was fantastic, and I met and chatted with Jessie and Maja. I’m ashamed to say, though, that until today I thought that they were booth babes.

In this industry, where white, asian and indian males are the de facto standard, it’s sometimes surprising to see anything else—and that’s kind of fucked up. Mea culpa.

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