Kenneth Ballenegger

Angel Investor, Engineer, Startup Founder

Scylla Absinthe

This was a project for my packaging design class, this past semester. Starting from scratch, I designed the entire story and identity. Illustration was done by the incredibly talented Brian Mutschler.

Scylla is said to once have been a nymph so beautiful that Poseidon, the great god of the seas, fell madly in love with her. Scylla, not reciprocating the feeling, fled to the dry land, where he could not follow. Angry at her betrayal, Poseidon cursed her and transformed her into a monster, to forever haunt the sea. Eons later, a mercenary of the crusades from Couvet, Switzerland got caught at sea in a terrible storm and wrecked onto Scylla’s reef. Scylla rescued and nurtured him and they fell in love. When another ship finally came to the rescue, Scylla gave him the recipe to an elixir which, when ingested, would instantly bring her image to life in his mind. To this day, his great great grand children distill this very same elixir.